‘Aseptic Sanitising Room’


PVC curtains, mirrors, antiseptic, first-aid disinfecting alcohol, glow-in-dark pills, hand cleaning wipes, medical kits, jars

100 x 150 x 200cm

Here, a tale about a protagonist calling herself as not ‘qualified’. She regards her obsession of sanitising herself and her place as a proper preparation of proper being in this city. She is not new to be called new, yet she is still chaotic about the social order of the place where she is. Reinterpretating of the self and physicality, she repeatedly recognises her body as ‘different’ from other locals, which is obvious, however hard to accept the distinction. This psychological chaos triggers her obsession of sanitising her body, wounds, and the space she is positioned in order to avoid any ‘foreign infection’ in new land - it is the strange denial of both herself and the Others’ gaze that categorises her as foreigner. She spends hours and hours in her personal aseptic sanitising space, doing nothing but just observing her flesh, growing hair, blood running under the skin, and cleans them as if wanting them to be seen as newly born before stepping out of the house. Ultimately, all she could trust is her body, formulating the struggle system against any dangers, creates rather simplified structure within herself- good or bad. 

The traces of her war is left here, discarded all for the Others’ judgment. Whose quota for naming the protagonist is there to be solved by you. 


‘Loosened Space’


VERNACULAR, airbed, cushions, flasks, pills, cylinders, sanitising wipe, household equipments, motion sensored LED light strip,

matches, collaged prints of images and texts about sanitising guides of public spaces in UK

Installed at Safehouse 2, Peckham, London