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It all started with one big blue suitcase. But it will all end with countless crusty cardboard boxes. My 1061 days in London has completely failed to compress into that single suitcase. Those days signify the numbers of categories my body has been assorted into, which are projected into huge amount of objects that used to be artworks and need to be transported to Seoul. All were out of my capability to control and compress now, and I chose to accept this chaotic scene of moving out, and observe slowly to dismantle the sociocultural codes that made me as uncanny foreign body before I leave. This is my only chance to exist as stranger in London for the last time.

Clearing the physicality of oneself and its projected objects out of somewhere is regarded as a preparation for successful anchor-down in new place. For me, that is just a very personal wish, a desire to preserve life in London as if creating copies that could be prolonged in Seoul. But they are imperfect to be properly extended since they are dismantled already, therefore must be overwritten with different geographical and cultural codes on top to survive in ‘my homeland’. Camouflaging layers produce another version of body, and moved objects will help the body to settle down again.

This is an invitation to celebrate this whole successful failure and imperfect copies, ready to be transported and re-named. Not just to salute on myself but to the ones that already have gone, and will be gone in the future as well.


Celebration of Imperfect Copies


Performance 7:90

Installation dimension variable