Soljee Ahn is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on contemporary representations of the body and cultures of illness, especially when one encounters in a new place and use them as a manifesto on the breakdown of subjectivity, and a denotation of being socially-engaged. Her works traverse through a half -fictional narrative, projecting herself into the female protagonist called as Z. Recently, she is focusing on constructing Z’s episodes into novel-like text and reproducing them as spatial installations. Just as Immigrants’ experience of their body is ‘differentiated or alienated’ by norms of locals, her character Z undergoes similar experiences. The figure represents a multidimensional self created by the collision of different cultures, sociological positions, and diseases. She aims to engage local audiences - who are all, in fact, at different state of ‘local’. Audiences can involve themselves directly by entering her personal space - the artist’s studio transformed into cinematic installation - and experience being an intruder and objectified ‘body’. This is to question not only what the sensation of pain is, what it means to own a body and what the self is but also how selfhood travels across various borders of cultural categorisation.